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Nigun - A Celebration Of Jewish Music / Segev, Regev 
Catalog Number: VXP 7910
Number of Discs: 1
Price (Includes Shipping)
USA $12
Outside USA $20
 Individual Track Details:
1. Baal shem: 2nd movement, Nigun by Ernest Bloch
2. Méditation hébraïque by Ernest Bloch
3. From Jewish Life: no 2, Supplication by Ernest Bloch
4. From Jewish Life: no 3, Jewish Song by Ernest Bloch
5. Frejlachs by Joachim Stutschewsky
6. Kaddish by Joachim Stutschewsky
7. Hassidic Suite: Bessarabic Song by Joachim Stutschewsky
8. Hassidic Suite: Dance by Joachim Stutschewsky
9. From Jewish Life: no 1, Prayer by Ernest Bloch
10. Songs (3) without words for Voice and Orchestra/Piano: no 3, Sephardic Melody by Paul Ben-Haim
11. Hebrew Melody for Violin and Orchestra, Op. 33 by Joseph Achron
12. Hebrew Pieces (2), Op. 35: no 2, Lullaby by Joseph Achron
13. Kol Nidrei for Cello and Orchestra, Op. 47 by Max Bruch
14. Schindler's List: Main Theme by John T. Williams
15. Mélodies hébraïques (2): no 2, L'énigme éternelle by Maurice Ravel
16. Chants populaires: no 4, Chanson hébraïque by Maurice Ravel
17. Hatikvah by Traditional
18. Songs (3) without words for Voice and Orchestra/Piano: no 1, Arioso by Paul Ben-Haim

Ron Regev (Piano), Inbal Segev (Cello)